Shade Community Center Association - founded in 2005

The mission of this Association is to strengthen lives in the community of Shade, Lodi Township, and the surrounding area.

The goals of the Association are:

  1.     To maintain and preserve the Shade School building, located in Lodi Township, County of Athens, in the Appalachian region of the State of Ohio;

  2.     To oversee the perpetual care of said building; and

  3.     To provide a facility for instruction and training to the public for the purpose of improving personal and professional development. 

Specific purposes include providing:

(A)  Meeting and activity space for the Shade Senior Citizens Association;

(B)  Facilities for youth activities such as sport programs, 4-H club meetings, computer lab, tutoring programs, and family-oriented programs;

(C)  Facilities to individuals or organizations conducting social activities such as family reunions, receptions, memorial services, and fund-raising events;

(D)  Facilities to house local historical artifacts, research materials, and displays; and

(E)  Facilities for civic activities such as an election site, holiday programs and public functions.

Please browse our website for newsletter information, recent and upcoming events, and for contact information for the Community Association officers.